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December 2016 Archives

Drug charges can range from minor to very serious

There are many different types of drug crimes that you might face if you are found to have drugs in your possession. These can range from charges as minor as paraphernalia to those as serious as drug trafficking. In each of these cases, you should be sure that you understand why you are facing the charges levied against you so that you can take steps to determine what defense strategy you will employ.

Violence and threats this holiday season can lead to charges

The holiday season is one that should be joyous; however, there are instances in which family events or holiday parties might turn tense. In these cases, it is important that everyone remain calm. If things erupt and a physical altercation ensues, criminal charges might be on the heels of that altercation.

Minimizing penalties might be a DUI defense strategy

There are many different penalties that are associated with drunk driving charges. You might automatically think about the time in jail that people convicted of this charge have to do; however, there are also other penalties that can have a huge impact on how people convicted of drunk driving have to live life.

Options are often possible in juvenile justice cases

Holiday parties, even those that are attended by juveniles, might have alcohol present. In our previous blog posts, we discussed some points about drunk driving. For many juveniles who opt to consume alcohol, simply drinking can lead to serious legal issues. Those juveniles don't even have to drive to get into trouble if they have been drinking; of course, they might face even more severe legal issues if they do drink and drive.

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