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November 2016 Archives

Drunk driving conviction can affect employment

The holiday season is full of parties. If you choose to drink during the festivities, be sure that you have a way to get home that doesn't involve you driving. If you do drive drunk, there is a good chance that you will face drunk driving charges, which come with long-lasting effects on your life if you are convicted.

Traffic stops for drunk driving can be tricky

Drivers who know they have been drinking dread seeing the flashing lights of a police vehicle. These traffic stops often lead to the driver being arrested if there is evidence that he or she is impaired according to the legal definition. As the holiday season approaches, anyone who is going to drink alcohol at parties needs to remember to find a way home that doesn't involve them driving because a drunk driving charge is almost certainly going to ruin the holiday season.

Elements of drug cases determine defense strategies

In our previous blog post, we discussed some points about drug paraphernalia. If you recall, we made mention of how these items only have to be in your possession and not actually on your person. The same is true for many drug charges. The drugs only have to be in your possession, which doesn't mean that they have to be on you.

What is considered drug paraphernalia?

Many drugs that are used today need items in order for the users to use the drugs. These items, as well as those that are used to package and sell drugs, are known as drug paraphernalia. It is possible for a person to face criminal charges in association with drug paraphernalia, even if they aren't facing any other drug-related charges.

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