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What types of crimes involve prescription drugs?

Thinking of drug charges, you might automatically think of drugs like heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs. While those types of drugs do make up a good portion of the drugs that lead to criminal charges, prescription drugs are also the drugs behind some criminal charges. In many cases, prescription drugs are being used to manage addictions and pain that the user can't control in any other manner. Still, prescription drug charges are serious charges that demand urgent attention.

Don't face theft charges alone

Criminal charges can be frightening, no matter what the circumstances surrounding the allegations are. You might be paralyzed with the thought that your life is ending and that you will serve jail time. Life isn't over just because you are facing criminal charges, but you do have to take action and control of the process.

Do you need to be drunk to get a minor in possession charge?

You know that it's illegal to drink alcohol if you're under 21 in Virginia--or any state, for that matter--so you can get a minor in possession charge, which is commonly called an MIP, if the police catch you, give you a breath test, and determine that you're drunk. When police bust a high school party, for example, they'll often just line people up and give them all breath tests to determine what citations are needed.

What are some myths about drinking alcohol?

If you are planning on going to a party at which alcohol will be served, it is crucial that you don't fall into some common fictitious statements about how alcohol can affect you. By understanding how alcohol can impact you, it will likely be easier for you to gauge your alcohol consumption and whether you are able to drive. If there are any doubts about your ability to drive, you should seek alternate transportation so that you can avoid facing a drunk driving charge. In the event you find yourself facing a DUI, make sure you take steps to begin a defense.

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