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April 2016 Archives

Drug convictions can impact student aid eligibility

As we have discussed on several occasions, being convicted of a drug charge has several consequences that can last a lifetime. People who want to attend an institute of higher learning might be surprised to learn that a drug conviction, or any criminal conviction, might affect their ability to obtain federal student financial aid. For this reason, you should fight against any criminal charges you are facing, especially if you plan on going to school.

Circumstances of assault and battery charges can vary

The circumstances surrounding an assault and battery charge can make a big difference in how your case is handled and how you are able to handle your defense. A big component of any assault and battery case is whether the incident was spur of the moment or if it was premeditated. Generally, criminal acts that are premeditated are prosecuted in a harsher manner than those that are spur of the moment.

Road rage incident in Fairfax County leads to criminal charges

Road rage incidents are making the news and drawing awareness to the violent temper that some people have while they are driving. One of the high profile road rage incidents lately was that of the former National Football League's player's death when he was shot in a road rage incident. While that didn't occur in Virginia, another road rage incident did occur here. Now, a woman is facing criminal charges based on allegations of road rage.

Get information that is crucial to a juvenile justice case

In our previous post, we discussed some of the ways that the juvenile justice system differs from the adult criminal justice system. That post had some good information that parents of children who are facing the juvenile justice system should know. On top of that information, it is crucial that the parents and the juvenile understand some other aspects of the juvenile justice system.

Juvenile courts are very different from adult courts

Hearing that your child got into trouble with the law is a harrowing situation for any parent. If you are facing this reality now, you will need to understand some basic points about the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system has very different procedures and policies than the adult criminal justice system.

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