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March 2016 Archives

Take your assault defense seriously

In our previous blog post, we discussed the differences between assault and aggravated assault. If you recall, aggravated assault is the more serious of the two charges. That doesn't mean that assault charges aren't serious. They are actually very serious. If you are facing any type of assualt charge, including aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon, you should understand what options you have for your defense. The possibilities might even change as the case moves through the criminal justice system.

What makes aggravated assault different from assault?

There are certain assault crimes that meet more strenuous guidelines that are necessary for a charge of aggravated assault. Being charged with aggravated assault means that you are more likely to face harsher penalties than what you would be facing if you were facing assault charges. It is crucial that you understand the meaning of aggravated assault if you are facing these charges.

Investigation is crucial in a DUI defense case

Drunk driving charges often hinge on the information that is collected during a traffic stop. In some cases, the information that is collected is done so after your arrest. When you are facing drunk driving charges, you should investigate the initial stop and the subsequent events to determine if any of your rights have been violated or if the procedures that were supposed to be followed were followed. We can help you with the investigation.

DUI convictions sometimes mean time in school or rehabilitation

The effects of a drunk driving conviction are harsh in Virginia. In some cases, you will face time in jail, fines and the loss of your driver's license. You might also face a court order to attend a drunk driving class or alcohol treatment program. If you are ordered to attend a class or program, you have to do it or you face even more penalties.

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