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A stern defense is cruicial when you are facing drug charges

The types of drug charges that are possible in Virginia are numerous. Even more numerous are the elements that can be present in these cases. When you are facing drug charges in Virginia, you need a defense strategy that answers each and every point that the defense is planning to use against you. We can help you discover what points need to be addressed and we can help you to learn about the ways that they can be addressed.

All drug charges, whether they are felony charges or misdemeanor charges, can have an impact on your future. Many employers, some landlords and even people who place volunteers do background checks. These background checks would show the criminal drug conviction if you are convicted. That means that you might not be able to get a job, find a home or even volunteer because of the mistake you made that led to your drug charges.

We can't make a promise that your charges will be dismissed; however, we can promise you that we will present a stern defense on your behalf. We will go through the prosecution's case to find out if there are any holes in the case. We will also scrutinize it to determine if there are areas in which we can introduce doubt. Those points can help us to develop your defense that we would present if your case goes to trial.

Don't try to just wait your case out and see what happens. Instead, become an active part of your defense and get ready for each step of the case.

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