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What are juvenile status offenses?

A juvenile who is facing the juvenile justice system isn't always facing a very serious criminal charge. In some cases, juveniles can face status offenses. While these are serious because they do affect the juvenile, they aren't as serious as some of the other charges that juveniles might face.

Juvenile justice can make a difference in a child's life

The juvenile justice system is one that is meant to help juveniles who are heading down the wrong path learn to correct their ways and become productive citizens. While many parents might try to keep their children out of the system, it can do some good if the child is willing to put forth an effort. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to get the child probation instead of being sentenced to serve time in juvenile detention.

A stern defense is cruicial when you are facing drug charges

The types of drug charges that are possible in Virginia are numerous. Even more numerous are the elements that can be present in these cases. When you are facing drug charges in Virginia, you need a defense strategy that answers each and every point that the defense is planning to use against you. We can help you discover what points need to be addressed and we can help you to learn about the ways that they can be addressed.

What does drug paraphernalia mean?

Thinking of drug charges likely brings to mind images of drugs that are illegal. Those charges do make up the majority of the drug charges that are placed; however, charges for items relate to drugs are also possible. Drug paraphernalia charges are also serious charges that can lead to severe penalties.

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