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January 2016 Archives

Man faces charges for his actions on neighbor's property

A person's property is his or her own place to enjoy the things he or she wants to do. For people who have dogs, placing dog pens on the property is way to keep the dogs contained and safe so that they aren't running all around. Recently, a man heard constant barking from his dogs in their pen. When the man investigated, he found another man hiding behind the pen with a bag of bacon, a camouflage mask and a handgun.

DUI defense incorporates several aspects into 1 plan

Drunk driving penalties in Virginia can have some very serious consequences that can ripple throughout your entire life. When you are charged with a drunk driving charge, your criminal record will include the arrest. From there, you might find that you have difficulties with social aspects of your life. These can include the social stigma that some people face when they are charged with a drunk driving offense. Oftentimes, society won't wait for you to be convicted before you end up having to deal with negative consequences.

A drugged driving defense must take specific points into account

Driving under the influence charges don't all involve alcohol. In some cases, these criminal charges involve drugs. Interestingly, it is possible to face a DUI charge for driving with drugs in your system even if the drugs you are taking are prescribed or over-the-counter. The fact is that all drugs that can impair your ability to drive can lead to DUI charges.

Drug addiction can often lead to criminal charges

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the penalties for cocaine charges in Virginia. If you recall, even simple possession of cocaine can mean having to spend time in jail. The penalties for convictions related to other drugs can be just as severe as those related to cocaine. We know that people who are addicted to drugs are often in need of help, not punishment. If you are facing any drug-related charges, we will do our best to defend you against those charges.

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