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November 2015 Archives

What are some alcohol-related charges besides DUI in Virginia?

In our previous post, we discussed the case of the man who was sentenced for a fatal drunk driving crash. That man's story bring up the important point that there are often factors that can lead to charges on top of the basic DUI charge that occurs when a person is caught driving drunk.

Man sentenced to prison for DUI-related fatal crash

In some cases, drunk driving can lead to a host of criminal charges that can far beyond only a DUI or DWI charges. One man was recently sentenced because of a DUI crash that killed a man in February. In March, the man pleaded guilty to a second-DUI charge, a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge and a felony DUI-related manslaughter charge.

Juveniles have specific rights during questioning by police

Juveniles who are suspected of criminal activities often have to go through the questioning in a similar manner as adults who are suspected of criminal activity. Just as adults must be informed of their legal rights prior to be questioned, so must juveniles. The issue with juveniles being informed of their rights is that things aren't as cut and dry as they are for adults.

Assault cases can carry mandatory minimum sentences in Virginia

Assault cases in Virginia are very serious matters. Any assault conviction can lead to imprisonment, fines or both. Even if the case is being tried as a misdemeanor case, there is still the possibility that you will face time in jail and fines. We know that you might not want to think about the possible penalties; however, you must consider them so that you can get work on your case.

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