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What elements must be present in an assault case?

People often group two charges -- assault and battery -- together as one charge. Although these charges are similar, they aren't the same thing. The main difference is that battery doesn't require harmful or offensive contact, but assault does. That is, a threat to harm someone could be considered battery, but it wouldn't be assault until the person is hit or touched.

Your defense options depend on the circumstances of your case

Being accused of driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence can be a difficult experience. It is vital that anyone who is facing charges for drunk driving understand how certain laws in Virginia affect a drunk driving case. We can help you to learn about the laws that pertain to your case.

Programs in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

When you are stopped for drunk driving, you might hear about the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. This VASAP offers a variety of programs that are aimed at helping drivers to avoid driving while impaired or intoxicated. It even has a program for some people who are driving on a suspended license.

Juvenile justice: Underage drinking requires a vigorous defense

Juvenile justice cases are difficult for families. The juveniles who are the focus of attention usually have problems to work through. The parents are sometimes by the juvenile's side to help them. The siblings of the juvenile might worry. Other family members might also be affected. We know that your child's case might be affecting every aspect of your life.

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