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September 2015 Archives

Basic terms you should know for a juvenile justice case

Children, teens and their parents who are involved in the juvenile justice system usually have to learn how to navigate an unfamiliar system as a child's case goes through the court process. Becoming familiar with some of the basic terms used in the juvenile justice system can help to make the process a little less stressful.

What are some areas of negotiation for a plea bargain?

When you are facing criminal charges of any sort, including charges for assault or battery, you might be interested in learning if the prosecution is willing to work out a plea arrangement with you. There are several areas in which you can negotiate when it comes to a plea bargain. Understanding each of those areas might help you come to an agreement with the prosecution. It is possible to negotiate only in one area; however, it is also possible to negotiate in more than one area.

Charges reduced in bar fight that sent man to hospital

Some cases that move through the criminal justice system involve the prosecution changing the charge. That is what recently happened in the case of a National Football League player who was originally charged with a felony charge of malicious wounding. That charge came as the result of a fight that occurred in Virginia Beach on the Fourth of July weekend.

How does the Sixth Amendment affect a criminal case?

We have discussed a variety of issues that can come up when you are facing criminal charges. For people who are facing criminal charges, including those facing drug charges, the Constitution has a variety of rights that provide you with certain protections. The Sixth Amendment is one that offers you the right to speedy jury trial.

Victims can't control criminal charges

In our previous post, we discussed the case of the man who is facing assault charges after his wife went missing and was found hiding at a hotel. The woman ended up getting an order of protection against her husband. While there is no indication in the story that the woman wanted to reconcile with her husband, the case might have some people wondering what would happen if a couple with a history of domestic violence would reconcile.

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