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June 2015 Archives

The defense used in your assault or battery case is important

Last week, we went over the differences between assault and battery. If you recall, assault doesn't have a requirement of physical contact, but battery does have that requirement. That is one of the differences that anyone facing these charges should be aware of.

Assault and battery have completely different meanings

During the course of a criminal case, different terms are often heard. In some criminal cases, the terms "assault" and "battery" sometimes come up. While many people associate these terms with a single action, such as a fight, they each cover a different crime.

Get your defense going as soon as possible after a DUI arrest

Being arrested for a drunk driving charge is a situation that demands immediate attention. The penalties of these charges are too great to ignore. You might lose your driving privileges, have to spend time in jail, pay hefty fines or have your vehicle seized. It is important for you to take quick action if you learn that you are being charged with a drunk driving charge.

Woman facing DUI convicted of amended charge of reckless driving

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is one way that some people who are allegedly driving drunk are caught. The Hillsville, Virginia, town manager learned that lesson when she was involved in a single-car crash early on the morning of Nov. 16, 2014 along I-77. Her Volvo SUV ran off the road and hit an embankment, which caused front-end damage.

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