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Hearing in Virginia included questions on taxes and shoes

A man who was convicted of drug charges in Accomack Circuit Court was recently sentenced to 18 months in jail. His sentencing hearing included a conversation about shoes and a warning from the judge.

The man was convicted on charges of distribution of heroin and distribution of cocaine. The prosecuting attorney told the judge that the man wasn't a good person. He noted that the man deals drugs to those in the community and that he wasn't a contributing member of society. The judge, however, handed down a seemingly lenient sentence.

While the judge was telling the man his sentence, the man would turn away from the judge and face his supporters in the gallery. That got him a stern warning from the judge to pay attention because he could have sentenced the man to 80 years.

At one point during the sentencing hearing, the judge asked the man why he owns 1,000 pairs of shoes. The defendant replied that he collects shoes.

The heavily tattooed man also says that he is a rapper and promoter. That brought questions up about income and taxes. The man claims that each of the events he was hired for netted him $3,500. The judge noted that the Social Security documents show an annual income of only $528 to $550 for 2002 through 2004 with no income in the following years. The defendant replied that he didn't know about taxes.

Overall, this man's sentence was much less than what it could have been. While he will have to spend time in jail, 18 months is a lot better than 80 years.

Source: Delmarva Now, "In court, Va. man admits to owning 1,000 pairs of shoes," Nancy Drury Duncan, March. 26, 2015

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