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February 2015 Archives

Defense matters in Virginia property crime cases

Last week, we discussed a case of a juvenile that was arrested for breaking into vehicles. While that case has some of readers wondering about juvenile cases, the fact is that many adults might be facing property crime charges. For those men and women, dealing with the criminal justice system can be difficult. In Virginia, people who are being charged with property crimes, such as arson, theft, shoplifting, burglary, larceny, vandalism and motor vehicle theft should remember a couple of basic points.

Virginia juvenile accused of breaking into vehicles

Last week, we discussed one type of offense that juveniles might have in the juvenile court system. Besides the status offenses that we discussed in that blog post, some children will also face criminal charges in the juvenile justice system in Virginia. A recent story out of Suffolk shows how serious some of these juvenile charges might be.

What is a status offense in Virginia?

In Virginia, there are two types of petitions for status offenses in juvenile cases. These are Child in Need of Services and Child in Need of Supervision. Anyone who is going through the juvenile justice in the state should understand the differences between these two types of petitions.

Physical violence against a parent by a child is serious

When most people think of abuse in families, they think of parents abusing children. That, however, isn't the only type of abuse that occurs in families. In some cases, teens might hit their parents or other family members. While this is illegal in Virginia, it is often a cry for help from the children. For that reason, it is vital for juveniles who are charged with this type of crime to get help. It is also a reason for the other family members to get help.

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