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January 2015 Archives

Stalking in Virginia: Criteria and specific points

When you are infatuated with someone, you likely want to spend as much time as possible with that person. While that isn't always a bad thing, it can easily turn into allegations of stalking if the person you are enamored with doesn't return those feelings. In Virginia, it is possible to face charges of stalking if someone feels that you are acting in a manner that is threatening him or her with sexual assault, death or bodily injury.

Underage drinking is a serious juvenile crime in Virginia

Last week, we discussed juvenile drug courts. That post might have some of readers wondering why that program is needed for children. The sad fact is that children growing up in these days are under a lot of pressure to take drugs and drink alcohol. That pressure can sometimes lead to criminal charges for the child. Underage drinking is one of the possible charges these youngsters can face.

What are juvenile drug courts in Virginia?

Learning that a child has fallen into a lifestyle that includes drugs is often difficult for parents. When that fact is learned because the child is facing criminal charges of some sort, the parent might soon learn that the child is going to be sentenced to juvenile drug court. This court, just as with its adult counterpart, is aimed at rehabilitation of the child instead of being aimed at punishing the child. Our Virginia readers might be interested in learning more about the juvenile drug courts in the state.

What are some drug-related offenses and their meanings?

When people read about drug crimes, they might come across various terms that describe the charges. Many drug crimes have classifications that include the name or category of the drug. Additionally, some drug charges might have a term that describes the type of crime that the person is accused of. This can be drug dealing, drug trafficking, possession, manufacturing, delivering, or other similar terms. Our readers in Virginia might like to know about some of the differences between these types of crimes.

Charles Koch's views might interest Virginia residents

It has often been said that once someone goes into the criminal justice system, it is hard to get out of the system. That is a concept that it seems as though billionaire Charles Koch learned firsthand. It took Koch tens of millions of dollars in legal fees, a $10 million settlement and six years to have one case resolved.

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