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October 2014 Archives

Expungements in Virginia might help your future

A person who has a criminal history can often have difficulties with various aspects of life. We have often covered some cases that might affect a person's ability to get a job, find housing or live a socially acceptable life. Some of these people might have the right to have their records expunged.

Teacher in Virginia Beach sentenced for having drugs in office

There are some decisions that people make that they later determine are big mistakes. When that mistake involves drugs, a school office and a teacher, it is easy to see how bad the situation is. For one Virginia Beach teacher, those were some of the factors in a drug charge placed against him.

Drug paraphernalia: Perplexing drug-related offenses

We have often covered stories of people who are accused of drug crimes in Virginia. In all of those cases, one thing is certain. The person who was accused of the crime has the right to present a defense against the charges. While there are several types of drug crimes that you might have read about, today we are going to give you some information about only one of the charges someone might face -- drug paraphernalia charges.

Juvenile drug possession and juvenile alcohol possession

Last week, we touched on some of the basics of questioning minors about crimes and how difficult it can be to determine if the fine line is crossed of what is acceptable and what isn't. This week, we will expand on that post about juvenile justice to discuss juvenile crimes that involve being in possession of alcohol or drugs. Our readers in Virginia might find this information interesting.

What are a minor's rights during juvenile crime interrogations?

Anyone who has a child that is in trouble with the law knows that getting the child proper representation is vital. In our previous blog post, we discussed this at length. For parents who have children currently involved in the Virginia juvenile justice system and those who want to be ready in case their child has issues creep up, knowing some of the basics about how police officers can question minors might come in handy.

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