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September 2014 Archives

A strong defense is necessary in Virginia petty theft cases

Last week we discussed the definition and consequences of petty theft in Virginia. After reading that post, you might wonder exactly what you can do to avoid those consequences. Of course, not having to face a petty theft charge at all is the most obvious way to avoid the consequences. The other way is to present a strong defense against charges that are brought against you for petty theft.

What is petty theft and what are the consequences in Virginia?

For someone who is charged with a larceny charge in Virginia, there are often questions that come up about his or her charges. In the case of petit larceny, which is sometimes referred to as petty theft, there are some basics that anyone who is faced with the charge should be aware of as he or she goes through the criminal justice system.

Consequences are harsh in Virginia DUI cases

For anyone who gets pulled over for a suspected drunk driving offense, knowing their rights and responsibilities during the traffic stop and throughout the subsequent legal proceedings is vital. One of the considerations for drivers who are stopped is whether to participate in a Breathalyzer test.

Strong representation is necessary for juvenile crime cases

No parent ever wants to see his or her child get into trouble, but the truth is that some children will do just that. In those cases, the child might have to face the criminal justice system. In many cases, that means that the child will have to deal with juvenile charges.

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