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August 2014 Archives

Diplomatic immunity keeps man from facing assault charges

When most people are accused of assault, they end up facing criminal charges in connection with the incident. In some cases, the hands of the authorities are tied when it comes to holding someone accountable for the alleged assault. That situation has recently occurred in Arlington, Virginia, at the home of the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea. Police were called to the residence on North 27th Road at around 9:30 on a Monday night.

Virginia man pleads guilty in fatal DUI crash

A man from Arlington, Virginia, recently went before the court for his part in a crash that took the life of another man. He was reportedly drunk when the accident occurred, and he was facing charges both for the drunk driving and for involuntary manslaughter. He decided that he wanted to plead guilty.

Overview of petit larceny and grand larceny in Virginia

When you hear terms in the criminal justice system, you might start to wonder exactly what each term means. Seeing that someone is being accused of larceny might be one of those instances. The term larceny is one that some states, including Virginia, use to differentiate a type of theft that doesn't include embezzlement, robbery and a variety of other theft-based crimes.

Man from fatal DUI crash now facing drug charges in Virginia

Back in May, a man was allegedly driving drunk when he struck a pedestrian, who died. He is 30 years old, and he is a petty officer for the United States Navy. The accident happened in Virginia Beach, and he is the main suspect, though he has not been convicted at this time.

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