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July 2014 Archives

Former Redskins player being sought for domestic assault

Fred Davis, who used to play tight end for the Washington Redskins, is being sought by police in connection with an alleged domestic violence assault. This report comes from the District of Columbia Police, who are looking for him, but Davis is actually a resident of Leesburg, Virginia.

Virginia man charged with DUI in fatal accident

Making great choices isn't something that anyone will do all the time. Everyone is going to make mistakes at some point or another. For some people, choosing to drive after consuming alcohol is a mistake that they make. Unfortunately, that bad choice can come with some very serious consequences. A recent accident on Interstate 64 in Virginia is a sad example of how one choice can affect multiple people.

Virginia juvenile crime nets explicit photo warrant

When a person is accused of a crime, the police officers and prosecutors who are working on the case will usually try to do whatever they can to get the evidence they need to get a conviction. In a recent case in Virginia, it seems as though the officials working on the case were willing to go to unusual lengths to get the information they thought they needed.

Drug-related offenses in jail gets inmate a 3-year sentence

When people are taken to jail, they are usually searched to ensure they don't have any drugs or other contraband on them. In some cases, people who are addicted to drugs find ways to bring the drugs into jail when they are serving a sentence. For one Quicksburg, Virginia, woman, the need for drugs seems to outweigh her desire to let the jailers know about the contraband.

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