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Drunk driving charges aren't always predictable but you can fight

As the weather gets nicer, the number of cookouts and other parties is going to increase. It is imperative that you take proactive steps to avoid having to drive drunk before you head out to any of these parties. By doing this, you can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

We know that you can't always predict when you are going to end up at a party where you will be drinking. When this occurs, you might end up having to drive yourself home. This is especially true if you are somewhere where the old adage "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" comes into the picture.

What does the Drug Enforcement Agency do?

If you get involved with drugs in some way or are caught up in drug charges, does that mean the Drug Enforcement Agency is going to knock down your door? In most cases, drug charges are usually handled mostly by local or state authorities rather than federal entities. transporting drugs in and out of the country or over state lines might be cause for DEA officials to get involved. Someone being caught with a small amount of marijuana isn't usually a DEA matter. Here's a look at what the DEA does.

DEA agents work with law enforcement officials from various federal, state and local organizations to support a drug intelligence program. This program helps authorities track trends and identify large rings of criminal activity and also provides education and support for law enforcement at all levels who are dealing with drug-related crimes and activities.

President Trump takes hard stance against criminal organizations

President Donald Trump just issued three executive orders that are aimed at reducing crimes. Essentially, President Trump has set drug cartels in the cross hairs of his plan. This could mean that some drugs are taken off the streets, but many people are wondering how these orders will impact lower level drug dealers and users.

Even before these actions, crime rates across the nation as a whole have been on the decline. Still, he seems to think that strengthening the enforcement of federal laws at this point is a necessary step to help thwart criminal organizations that include members in other countries.

Theft cases can come with lengthy incarceration, fight back

In our previous blog post, we discussed burglary and some of the points that you can use to fight these charges. This isn't only theft crime that a person might face. No matter what type of theft charge you are facing, you should find out about what options you have for your defense.

Virginia has some very strict laws regarding thefts. Some theft cases can carry up to 20 years in prison. When you think about facing serious time in prison like this, you can understand why it is so important to present a defense against the charges. On top of this, you might also be facing fines and other penalties.

Know the elements of burglary so you can fight these charges

Burglary charges are life-impacting charges because of the prison time, fines and social stigma associated with them. These aren't charges that are going to just go away. Instead, people who are charged with burglary have to build a strong defense. When you are working on a burglary defense, start by determining if you can negate at least one of the required elements for an action to be considered burglary.

There are three elements that have to be present. One is that you didn't have authorization to enter the structure. If you actually had permission, or honestly thought that you had permission, you might be able to negate that point. For example, if you entered a home that belongs to a friend, you might be able to argue that your friend told you to feel free to use the home whenever you wanted. If the friend never told you that the offer was revoked, you can use that in your defense.

What important points should I remember in a DUI stop?

During a stop for allegedly driving under the influence, you have specific rights that apply. At the same time, you also have some responsibilities.

If you are inebriated, you might have trouble thinking clearly. Hopefully, you will remember these important points so that you can make decisions about how you handle the stop.

Know what points to evaluate in a drunk driving stop

Facing drunk driving charges is a sure way to crash the fun at the end of a good night. For this reason, you should take the time to plan your transportation home before you take that first sip of alcohol. If you forget or you aren't able to properly plan, you are putting yourself at risk of facing these very serious criminal charges.

One of the points that comes up when you are facing drunk driving charges is why you were pulled over. The police officer who stops you has to have a reasonable suspicion for stopping your vehicle. This means that the officer can't just stop you because he or she felt like it. Instead, there has to be a reason.

Know your options for answering to a drug charge

In our previous blog post, we discussed various types of drug crimes that a person might face. All of these charges have one thing in common -- they all demand that the defendant takes action if he or she wants to present a defense.

We know that some people don't think of drug charges as serious matters. This might change when they find themselves facing the court system and start to learn about the many ways a conviction could impact their lives.

Drug charges can range from minor to very serious

There are many different types of drug crimes that you might face if you are found to have drugs in your possession. These can range from charges as minor as paraphernalia to those as serious as drug trafficking. In each of these cases, you should be sure that you understand why you are facing the charges levied against you so that you can take steps to determine what defense strategy you will employ.

Drug paraphernalia charges don't have to involve any actual drugs. Instead, you only have to be in possession of the items that are used to grow, manufacture, distribute or use drugs of any sort. These run the gamut from roach clips to small baggies. In some cases, the items that are considered drug paraphernalia might be used for other purposes, but the intent of the items is what can classify them as paraphernalia.

Violence and threats this holiday season can lead to charges

The holiday season is one that should be joyous; however, there are instances in which family events or holiday parties might turn tense. In these cases, it is important that everyone remain calm. If things erupt and a physical altercation ensues, criminal charges might be on the heels of that altercation.

We know that you didn't think your holiday season was going to lead to you having to face criminal charges for physical violence. If you find yourself in this situation, you should learn your options immediately for a defense. We can help you to go over the case against you and determine what options are available for your defense.

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